Newbie Issue with multiple dissects

I am brand new to logstash so apologies in advance for what I'm sure will turn out to be "dumb" questions.

I have a very simple log file with some | separated data in it. Like this:

I am using dissect in the filters to split up and store this data and this is working well so far. Note: using if's since there are many different event types to parse that need to result in different field mapping per event.

if "ADDMEMBER" in [message] {
    dissect {
        mapping => {
            "message" => "%{dtstamp}|%{callid}|%{qname}|%{bridgechan}|%{event}|"
    match => ["dtstamp", "UNIX"]
    target => "dtstamp_datetime"

So far so good.

Now, bridgechan has the following in it:

At this point I now want to parse out 901 in this example and put it in a new field called UserID. It is this that I cannot work out yet.

First question is, can you use another dissect on the bridgechan variable from within the filter part of the logstash.conf file? In short, can I parse something that I've already parsed out into a new field? Or perhaps I cannot do this and need to parse something from the original input (message).

I wonder because I tried to do something like the following at the end of the filter section and have not had any success.

dissect {
mapping => { %{bridgechan} => "%{firstpart}/%{secondpart"}

Any help for "the new guy" would be greatly appreciated.

At that point bridgechan is a field on the event, so you should use

dissect { mapping => { "bridgechan" => "%{firstpart}/%{secondpart"} }

Works perfectly of course. Thanks for helping out the new guy with basic syntax! :slight_smile:

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