Newbie question: Filter/Matching for different criterias with kind of matching score?


I'm completely new to elasticsearch so sorry for this newbie question.

I read about elasticsearch score calculation for full text search and also about the filter in a query (in a boolean way: 1 if the document matchs the filter 0 if not). So an document is not in the result set if it's not matchs a filter.

But is there a way in elasticsearch to calculate a kind of "matching score" for different filter?

For example:

  • I have a query with 5 different filter-criterias.
  • If a document matchs all 5 criterias it has a score of 1, if a document matchs just 4 criterias it just has a score of 0.8.
  • It would be great to set different weights for these criterias to.

Import for me is that a document should be in the result if it's not matchs all filter-criterias, but to see in the score value which document ranks best to the different filter-criterias.

Hope you understand my thought/requirement.

How can I solve this with elasticsearch? What do I have to read/looking for in elasticsearch (maybe an example)?

Can that be solved with function_score? Or is the solution to set these criterias in query context and not in filter context?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,


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