Newly added pipeline does not appear under monitoring

I have been adding under Management>Pipelines a new pipeline and pressed the Save&Deploy.
Note: the pipeline is jdbc based.

I configured the logstash logs for debug.
I checked the elastic logs too including the indices in the API call.

In Kibana, under Monitoring > Pipelines I only see the main one.

Is there something that I missed?

Note: I am using the stack-docker

What ID did you give the pipeline you created in Management > Pipelines? Do you see that ID anywhere in your Logstash logs?

Also, is this ID also configured as the value of the setting in your logstash.yml?

@shaunak I added a text based id and did not configure that xpack.
I will try to figure out where to update. after setting the xpack key - do I need to restart the logstash process?


Yes, you will need to restart the Logstash process.

You might also find this section in our docs helpful:

Thank you. If I started the stack-docker thus using docker-compose I need to follow the install xPack too?

an apparently i can only use it - at least according to the docs - for a paid license.

feature that requires a paid X-Pack license

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