NextCloud + OnlyOffice + ElasticSearch (FullTextSearch)

Hi guys,

I have a docker deployed NextCloud 13 + OnlyOffice and I am trying to make ElasticSearch work with PDF, DOCX files uploaded to NextCloud.

NextCloud version 13
OnlyOffice version 1.2.0
ElasticSearch version 6.2.2

I have installed and enabled the following apps in NextCloud:

Full text search - Elasticsearch Platform (BETA) version 0.6.1
Full text search - Files (BETA) version 0.6.0
Full text search (BETA) version 0.6.1

When I first try to start indexing:

sudo docker exec --user www-data <CONTAINER_IMAGE> php occ fulltextsearch:index

I get the following exception:

No alive nodes found in your cluster

I have tried inserting and querying data manually in ElasticSearch and it works perfectly.

Any advice would help!


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