Nginx authentication not working for cabana

I am trying to setup nginx authentication for kibana and my nginx is running.My kibana.yml as below. It throws error like this.
server { "localhost"
server.port 5601 "Kibana Server"
elasticsearch.url "http://localhost:9200"
kibana.index ".kibana"
logging.verbose true

location ~ ^/.* {
   satisfy any;
   deny all;
   auth_basic "Kibana  user required"
   auth_basic_user_file /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.15.2/config/kibana.passwd
   proxy_pass http://localhost:9205
   proxy_read_timeout 90

vague numbers as below and then small message. what is wrong /
"374", "375", "376", "377", "378", "379", "380", "381", "382", "383", "384", "385", "386", "387", "388", "389", "390", "391", "392", "393", "394", "395", "396", "397", "398", "399", "400", "401", "402", "403", "404", and "405" settings were not applied. Check for spelling errors and ensure that expected plugins are installed.

The errors you are seeing are happening because your kibana.yml file has text in it that seems to not be YML but actually nginx configuration.

  1. Run your kibana.yml through and work it out so it comes out the same after it goes through the validator.
  2. Read about how to set up an nginx proxy so you can put the configuration for proxying nginx to Kibana in an nginx configuration file.

As per your yml validator my configuration file (it says valid YML file)
is good. Is this proxy is an issue ? I am going thru Nginx docs . I will try your suggestion also. Update this soon.

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