NiFi + ElasticSearch + filebeat

I urgently need to create a pipeline in NiFi that accepts syslog on local UDP port 514 and sends it to Elasticsearch.

And I have to use filebeat and build a simple Nifi pipeline that collects data from local /var /log/messages by filebeb and sends it to Elasticsearch.

On Imgur, I couldn't upload screenshot and I used 0bin.

  1. Installed on Debian 11 - NiFi, Docker Elasticsearch, Docker Kibana, Filebeat from DEB file.
    0bin - encrypted pastebin

I don't know why the image of the kibana docker stops sometimes, any suggestions?

When everything seems to work, Kibana throws something like this.

Elasticsearch by localhost seems to be working fine

  1. I have built a NiFi pipe to send data to Elasticsearch.
    0bin - encrypted pastebin

ListenUDP setup -

PutElasticsearchHttp -

  1. I tried to configure filebeat but I don't know if it is correct.

/etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml -

kibana.yml -


I really need help :confused:

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