"No Added Sugar" and "Added Sugar" term match

I'm looking for a way to tell elasticsearch that "no added sugar" and "added sugar" are separate phrases and should be indexed accordingly. I do not want them to conflate or conflict with each other.

Docs example:
"Cola No Added Sugar"
"Pepsi Added Sugar"

At the moment, when I search "added sugar", I get results that include "no added sugar". I've looked at various ways to acheive this including synomyms but I'm struggling.

How would I go about achieving this? Any advice is much appreciated.

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How do you search?
What is your index looking like?
More details, please.

Thank you for your reply. My mappings setup is pretty basic as follows:

  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "product_sku": {
        "type": "keyword"
      "product_name": {
      	 "type": "text"

I've indexed circa 10k products. With regards to search, I'm performing a "match" on the field "product_name" with a "minimum_should_match" of 50%.

The search works fine and most products show up quite accurately.

The issue is with 2-3 word phrases that elastic mismatches. For example:

  • "Added Sugar" should NOT show products with "No Added Sugar"
  • "Low Fat" should NOT show products with "Reduced Fat"

I hope the above helps give you a better idea what I'm trying to achieve.



@Alan88 If you want to match your "product_name" as a keyword (exact match), then you must index it as "keyword" in your mapping and use Term query instead of Match query.

A match query behaves depending one the Analyzer/Tokenizer being in action. "Sugar" will match "Cola No Added Sugar" in your example.

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