No connection to Elasticsearch

I get the following error message in the logs of Winlogbeat that the connection is denied.
I see the connection on the Elasticsearch server.

Errormessage in winlogbeat log: "Unable to connect because the target computer refused to connect."

Sound like maybe some firewall rule preventing your access...

Hi @stefws ,
when I run "iftop" on the Elasticsearch server I see a request from the client on port 9200

Anything in your Elastic log... Maybe try tcpdump on either client or server side to more what is going on.

Hello @FNFlorian,

I had the same problem when I ran the elasticsearch node on Linux and tried to connect the winlogsbeat.

So, to solve this problem, I added another elasticsearch node on a Windows OS to the cluster and made winlogsbeat connect to it.

NB: i didn't change any of the conf.


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