No error for permission if symlinks involved in paths for filebeat

I tried to run filebeat to monitor a path that involved a symlink.

    symlink:  /var/log/current -> /var/log/version1
    paths:  /var/log/current/logs/abc.log
    Actual file location: /var/log/version1/logs/abc.log

The file names and paths are only indicative and not actual.
There were permission issues(read permission was not there on the actual path but on symlink path) with the symlink but filebeat did not throw any error.

Is this by design or a bug?

Did you enable symlinks for the prospector?

Yes, I had it enabled.
I tried accessing the files from the concerned user, when I discovered that there were issues with the permission. After i gave the appropriate permissions, I was able to harvest the logs with the exact same yml configuration for filebeat.

Ok, good I wanted to make sure we had the basics covered.

Probably the best people to answer this question are either @ruflin or @kvch.

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