No fields available in "Field" selection menu for Single Metric Job


I am trying to go though the Single Metric Job video on this link ( Before that, I set up everything from given git page. (

Query :

When I go to Machine Learning tab in Kibana and try to create a single metric job and select the index "server-*" (given in git page). After that, in 3 fields (Aggregation, Field, Bucket Span), I do not get any option available in the "Field" box. (In video, "Total" has been selected as a Field).

I am not sure what is the problem and need to resolve this as soon as possible to proceed ahead in my project.

P.S. : On the git page, it is written on 4th point as after running the command (curl -XGET localhost:9200/server-*/_count -d '{"query": {"match_all": {}}}' -u elastic:changeme), count should be more than 905940, which I get as 0.


You are getting the error likely because the ingest step is failing. As you mentioned in the p.s. you are getting a count of 0 -- which means that there is no data in the server-* index.

Were Elasticsearch & Kibana up and running when you ran the ingest script? When you run sh, what do to you see ? You should see a pretty verbose output.


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