No handler found for uri [/api/security/v1/login] for auto-authentication embedded iframe

I've made an MVC web app which has embedded iframes of Kibana Dashboards we have created using Version 5.5.2. We do have an initial login, so we don't want our users to enter their credentials twice. I've read through previous threads POSTING to:


with an appropriate additional header kbn-version:5.5.2 to retrieve/set a cookie however I get a 400 Bad Request with the message No handler found for uri [/api/security/v1/login] and method [POST].
Our Kibana instance is hosted on From my understanding that if that POST is successful the server should respond with a cookie header where then you can set within your current session.
Please let me know if my logic is wrong or I am missing any steps. Some guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Link to previous thread:

Are you making sure to add your base path before /api/security/v1/login?

Pretty embarrassed by this but I've had my base path set to an old cluster that we deactivated. /api/security/v1/login works. Thanks for your help!

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