No handler found for uri [/.kibana/_query] and method [DELETE]

Hi All,

We try deleting .kibana objects using delete_by_query API. It is working fine for few Elasticsearch.
For few ES, we are getting, "No handler found for uri [/.kibana/_query] and method [DELETE]" exception.
Whereas remaining operations like creating a new index, creating new kibana objects are fine in all scenarios.
We are using super user to do all processes

Please advice at what scenarios, this exception occurs.

not sure what version you have been using before but the delete by query API has changed somewhat in recent versions. Documentation on how to use the current version can be found here:


We are using ES 5.x version. We use elasticsearch python module to access ES.
es.delete_by_query(index,body) is what we use

Did you update your python client to the latest version? From the error you are getting above it looks like your python client is attempting to make calls to the old API

We are using elasticsearch 5.4 python module. Believe it as the latest one.

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