No histogram for filebeat logstream in Kibana 8? (Discover mode)

My previous stack was on version 7 - syslog->filebeat->elasticsearch, and in this setup I had two working bits:

  • filebeat-* log index
  • in Discover mode I had a histogram and time range, so I was able to search by date/time range and looking at histogram I could get the idea how often do the events appear.

However, in version 8 there are these changes:

  • filebeat-* is now a data stream
  • in Discover mode, I was able to create a data view, but this data view does not show data range and histogram.

Please help me understand how to fix it, or was this moved to another new feature somewhere in kibana?

Kibana version is 8.13.4

Thank you.

I fixed this by updating @timestamp field in my data view. However this fix is not obvious, I did not change anything, @timestamp was already present in settings of my data view. What fixed things was - clicking save button.
I am still not sure whether that was it.

Hi @Romano, Migrating from 7.x to 8.x is Major release change which comes with breaking changes. As you mentioned right, Beats are now start using Data streams instead of Index.

Please refer detailed doc to upgrading filebeat from 7.x to 8.x. You can check if any changes are still needed.