No logging information available after creating repo for snapshot

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Hi ,

I am working on elasticsearch v5.4.3 .
To check the working of snapshot , I have first registered the repo

 `   {
  "my_fs_backup" : {
    "type" : "fs",
    "settings" : {
      "compress" : "true",
      "chunk_size" : "10m",
      "location" : "/mount/backups/my_backup"

Debug logs were enabled in with :

rootLogger.level = debug

But once the repository was created , no logs were registered in "elasticsearch.log" file ??

Any lead would be highly appreciable .

Thanks .

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To verify that your repository is correctly configured, POST _snapshot/REPOSITORY_NAME/_verify as described in the snapshot/restore documentation. Debug logs only really make sense when read alongside the code, and there are no guarantees that (a) they give a complete picture of what the system is doing and (b) they will remain stable between releases.

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