No more picture of living being in the passport

All countries must start thumb impression attached passport system.

No more picture of living being in the passport.

"Fingerprint method in identifying humans is in use for quite a long time."

Fingerprint method is a special way of recognizing human beings in the
views of Shariah. Mention must be made that through adopting 'fingerprint'
method, the best 'a'amal that people can do is they can abide by the orders
and instructions of Allah Pak and Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam
and thereby may easily a tough and undesired kabeerah sin like photography.
Besides, this method of fingerprints have four distinguished advantages: 1.
Well Established - This method is in use for almost a hundred years. 2.
Proven - After the finding its various advantages, newer methods like AFIS
(Automated Fingerprint Identification System) has been developed. 3.
Legally Accepted - Judicial systems of all the countries of the world and
various law enforcing agencies have been using the reports of fingerprints
in implementing their verdicts. 4. Mature - Out of the 'bio-metrics'
systems, 'fingerprints' is the oldest and having had sufficient research on
it, it has come up with a fullness and maturity.

The method of using 'Fingerprints' is something matchless, each of which
is different from the other. This can never be lost or stolen or shifted
and no two fingerprints of any human shall ever match. The current
government which has a commitment of not having any laws contrary to Qur'an
Shareef and Hadis Shareef', should introduce and continue 'fingerprint'
system in place of pictures or photos in all necessary fields.

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