No mouseovers in region map

It took me a while to figure this out, so I though I would mention it. I have a geojson file in which the features have a property called precinct, which is a string, but the string always contains an integer.

And I have two indexes in which the documents contain a precinct. In one it is text, so I do region maps with Terms+Precinct.keyword. In the other it is an integer and I do region maps with Terms+precinct. Both sets of maps plot correctly, but for the second one I do not get any mouseovers. Clicking to add a filter works for both, it just seems to be mouseovers that are missing.

@thomasneirynck any ideas here?

hi @Badger

this looks like a bug. The mouse-over should work, even when your source data contains numbers.

Kibana does to a string-conversion before joining the two datasets (geojson/ES-result, so maybe something is going wrong there.

Could you create a bug report?


No, sir, I am not going to gibhub, which insists on trying to install browser extensions that I suspect are malware. :slight_smile:

@badger lol, that killed me. ok, fixed!

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