No new data in Kibana - elastic fails to create shard

Hi All,

from time to time i see that kibana stops showing new data, its always the same, i have daily index (naming from LS) in ES that gets unassigned on both shard when its created, the logs i can find:
obtaining shard lock timed out after 5000ms, previous lock details: [shard creation] trying to lock for [shard creation]
"[index name][0] marking and sending shard failed due to [failed to create shard]" failed to obtain in-memory shard lock

Once i delete that index all starts to work normally.

I can see that ES was working in the moment when this happens (no restart), server was memory, JVM heap wasn't full.

could it be related to disks? what else can cause this? Any idea?

The error in LS is "unavailable_shards_exception", this problem in a single indices prevents any new data to be add to elastic, in that or any other index, is it expected?

ES - 7.5.2 - cluster 2 Master/Data + 1 Master


Any ideas?

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