No number-of-replicas/shards ... what then?

Hi again community!

I have just created a small cluster of VMs to keep with my experiments with new ELK5 and filebeat, and, to my surprise, I was unable to start EL until I removed shards/replica config from yml file...

By reading around, I readed that, those values have to be manually set per index.... and of course I can't believe this.
There should be a way to configure the thing, or a way to automate this.
If every day I get a new set of indexes, because logstash inserts data for services into indexes that do change their index name, every day, since it appends date at the end, there should be a way to control number of shards and replicas, otherwise, soon or later, indexes would start having default 1 replica unless we're manually intervening all the time... I'm sure I'm missing completelly the point, could you help me.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards!

This is typically managed through index templates, so I would recommend you have a look at that.

Hi! thank you for your help...

Ok... readed that... a little bit overwheelming, when considering how simple is what it was, but here we go:

Provide that I have a bunch of logstash-servicefoo-YYYY.MM.DD, logstash-servicebar-YYYY.MM.DD, as were the result of folowing the classic ELK howtos of my era (1.x).
Provide that I don't care about aliasing, iteming or remaping and all that, but just want to have 2 replicas and lets say, 6 shards, for my minimal mockup cluster

Then I would need omething like that.... right?

curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_template/logstash?pretty' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
"template" : "logstash-*",
"settings" : {
"number_of_replicas" : 2,
"number_of_shards" : 6

I'm tryng to try it, but, pasting this into the console seems to not like the server :stuck_out_tongue: probably there's a typo...

EDIT: worked as a one-liner...
curl -XPUT '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'{ "template" : "logstash-*", "settings" : { "number_of_replicas" : 2, "number_of_shards" : 6 } }'

which caused:
"acknowledged" : true

Let's see what happens next!

EDIT: ouch! that screwed the default logstash template... I think I'm starting to get the point behind templates, and how it adds a whole new layer of possible configuration on incoming data... but I miss a litle bit of more classic control through config files, at least for defaults

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