No paths were defined for prospector accessing config

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I try the Quick Start guide for Filebeat ( but I encounter a problem when I launch the folloing command :
.\filebeat.exe -v -d "*" -modules system

I obtain the following error :frowning_face:

CRIT Exiting: Error in initing prospector: No paths were defined for prospector accessing config

I check my configuration file filebeat.yml and it seems correct.

Thanks for your help.


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  • type: log
    • C:\Users\agiffard\elasticsearch-6.1.1\logs*.log

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It seems you are missing a paths part Please post your config with ticks around so it's formatted correctly.

Note: The getting started guide you linked is for modules.

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  • type: log
    enabled: true
    • C:\Users\agiffard\elasticsearch-6.1.1\logs*.log

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Yes, I made a mistake when I copy my configuration file.

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Okay, I'm getting started on Filebeat, you want to say Filebeat works without work on modules ?

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Yes, you can either use modules which are config options which work out of the box or create your own prospectors.

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