No result back when doing nested aggregation using java api


I bumped into a situation that when I send a query through http rest, I get result, but when equivalent aggregation send from java api, I can get result back.

I use Elasticsearch v1.7.2

here is my query send to http REST

    "from" : 0,
    "size" : 0,
    "query" : {
        "filtered" : {
            "query" : {
                "match_all" : {}
            "filter" : {
                "match_all" : {}
    "aggregations" : {
        "byCategory" : {
            "nested" : {
                "path" : "categoryStatus"
            "aggregations" : {
                "sumByProductCount" : {
                    "sum" : {
                        "field" : "categoryStatus.productCount"

here is equivalent aggregation use java api

AbstractAggregationBuilder agg =

Any idea?

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No. your aggregation builder looks good.


So what is the potential problem? Java API library?
I stuck on this many days and I don't want to shift code to use WebRequest directly to http REST to get result.
I can't upgrade ES to new version currently, have to stay on 1.7.2.

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I can't tell you. I don't have access to your code and you did not share it with us.


Above code is how I construct query that using java API (official elastic java client) and send it to ES.

What information I missed to provide, please help guide me. many thanks.
I do see there are many "doc mapped as nested object" will cause problem during aggregation, but seems in my case, rest api send me correct result.

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How do you use this agg object would be a good start?
How you know the Java response is incorrect?

Share anything which can help to reproduce your problem.

A simple Java Test class would be super useful (create index, put the mapping, index a doc, then search).

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