No services sent out. Message error : The system cannot find the file specified

I'm running metricbeat on four of our servers and they have been working for a couple of weeks. Until today where one of the machines stopped sending the windows services. I now only get a single event:

@timestamp Dec 7th, 11:28:35
t _id NGk2iGcBkvVnaVY7Q4lf
t _index metricbeat-6.4.2-2018.12.07
# _score -
t _type doc
t beat.hostname CENSORED
t beat.version 6.4.2
t error.message The system cannot find the file specified.
t metricset.module windows
t service
# metricset.rtt 10001
t tags conversions, application-tier

This is the windows.yml file
- module: windows
- service
period: 1m

I tried running the metricbeat as an executable but there is no Err or Warn visible. It just sends out this event.

The host is running Windows 2012 Standard

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks

I've updated now to 6.5.1 but the issue still exists

Could you share the log file?

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