Metricbeat 7.0.1 Windows Module Services

I have a problem with the Metricbeat Windows module, I only want to monitor 5 specific services in the service monitoring. But it always transfers all events to Elasticsearch.
I've tried filtering like this in the example:

    - drop_event.when.not.equals:
  windows.service.display_name: Windows Firewall

and like this one:

    equals: XXX6
    equals: XXX5
    equals: XXX3
    equals: XXX2
    equals: XXXX1

What must be different for me to only receive events for the listed services?

and I have a second problem, I can't see on the dashboard how much space is left on the Windows partitions. Do I have to configure it in the Windows module or system and if so how?
The Metrictset filesystem and fsstat are active by default, but I still don't see how full/empty the partitions are in the dashboard. Seems that the information is missing.

Hi @Michi, just curious if you gave and a try instead of or because it's not equals here. If we pass a which equals to XXX7, then it has to compare with all names listed above and if none of them matches, then drop that event.

Regarding to your second question, which metric exactly from metricbeat are you looking from the dashboard?

I try the and instead of or, but still all events (services statusses) are submitted

I want the partition size, the partitions are detected but its 0% all the time. :frowning:

@Michi Hmmm I will spend some time today to try the drop_event. Regarding to the Disk Usage part, In your system.yml or metricbeat.yml, do you have filesystem metricset enabled?

Yes the filesystem metricset is enabled in system.yml.

Sorry for the late response! For disk usage problem, I was able to reproduce it and found out the Disk Usage visualization is displaying Top 10 system.filesystem.used.pct and Order by Doc Count instead of Order by Average of system.filesystem.used.pct. Also group by is using system.filesystem.mount_point instead of system.filesystem.device_name.

Also if you toggle the different options around, some data shows up :cry: Do you want to create an issue for this in github for this? Or I can do it tomorrow.

i created a issue on github:

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