Service Metricset for Unix

Hello lovely community,

I am looking for a module in Metricbeat to send the status for each service in the client to the elasticsearch, and create such a dashboard. After googling, I found windows module in metricbeat with service as the metricset. However, this is not clear for me that this module specified for windows or not?, if not, how can I collect such information with metricbeat?

Just for curiosity, I verify such a setting in Ubuntu, and I got the following error when I started the metricbeat service.

metricset 'windows/service' is not registered, module not found

Hi @armsepehr :slight_smile:

Can you detail a bit more which module are you using? As far as I'm understanding, you should be using the Windows metricbeat module to achieve what you're describing.

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Hi Mario,

Thanks for your reply.

I would like to monitor all running services in my computer with Metricbeat e.g. number of running services, status for each service and so on. Windows metricbeat module will do this job perfect in windows; however, I am in Linux and it doesn't work in Linux as the name shows.

I could not find any suitable module in Metricbeat to do this job in Linux, and Windows Metricbeat doesn't work in Linux.


Hi again @armsepehr

Now I understand. You cannot run Winlogbeat from a Linux machine, as you have described because it's intended to work in the Windows machine. I mean, all Beats are intented to work as close to the services they are working on (say logging, gatherinc metrics or whatever).

I haven't tried myself but maybe, you can try to run the Linux metricbeat if you want to monitor any of this modules and it should work.

But if what you want is to monitor, say, system metrics of a Windows machine from a Linux one, I'm afraid that this is not possible.

Mario, you did missunderstand him.
He wants a metricbeat fuctionality for linux like the windows metricbeat functionality in regards of service monitoring for windows. He just tried the windows version on linux because he didn't find the functionality in the linux version :slight_smile:

Oh! I see, thanks for the clarification @faulander Re-reading everything now it makes sense.

I'm not fully sure about what the windows / service metricset does (yet) because I didn't have the opportunity to use it but as far as I think the system module and the proccess metricset does something similar (or with a bunch of the metricsets from the system module)

Thank you @faulander. What you said is exactly what I want; I need Metricbeat functionality for Linux like Windows module in Metricbeat to monitor service status in Linux operating system.

I have seen all metricset in System module; however it doesn't have. Currently, I am looking to the specific process for each service with the help of System module. Then, if there is/are any relevant process to that service, I understand the service is running. This solution could not give me number of running services and this solution is so complicated to implement.

Thank you everybody for getting involved to this topic.

The only thing i get reported @armsepehr is running processes, but i know where you want to get. I would welcome this feature aswell. At least for systemd this shouldn't be too hard to implement.


I agree. The other issue is that creating module is too complicated task in either Metricbeat and Heartbeat. I would like to create a bash script or any executable file and report to elasticsearch via Metricbeat or Heartbeat. In this version, I should write new module with Go language.

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