No Tests Found! when using --dry-run

npx @elastic/synthetics . --dry-run results in "No tests found!"

Omitting the --dry-run param, my journey ran locally without issue.

CLI --help says, --dry-run don't actually execute anything, report only registered journeys

Shouldn't I have seen the journey?

Hi @spaulovich,

Which version of @elastic/synthetics are you using?

Hi Carly, I'm using 1.0.0-beta.43

Thanks for confirming. I've managed to recreate the issue on a few versions, including beta 43 and followed up internally to get some background. The current implementation requires specification of a reporter, such as the json reporter:

npx @elastic/synthetics . --dry-run --reporter json

Sample output:

npx @elastic/synthetics . --dry-run --reporter json
{"type":"journey/register","@timestamp":1682341232066412,"journey":{"name":"My journey","id":"My journey"},"root_fields":{"os":{"platform":"darwin"},"package":{"name":"@elastic/synthetics","version":"1.0.0-beta.39"}},"package_version":"1.0.0-beta.39"}
{"type":"journey/register","@timestamp":1682341232066441.5,"journey":{"name":"My Other Journey","id":"My Other Journey"},"root_fields":{"os":{"platform":"darwin"},"package":{"name":"@elastic/synthetics","version":"1.0.0-beta.39"}},"package_version":"1.0.0-beta.39"}

We've agreed having a default reporter when none is specified is more intuitive, so I've raised a GitHub issue for it that you can follow if that helps. For the moment, while not in the prettiest format, the json reporter should give you what you need.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Carly!

That does help and I appreciate the follow-up on having a default reporter.

Best regard,
Steve P.

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