NoClassDefFoundError: org/bouncycastle/asn1/ASN1Encodable - Missing ASN.1 Utility Classes

Hello there,

I have a Nextcloud instance (V26) with an Elasticsearch V8.2.10 as full text search component.
While indexing user data my ES node poorly died this morning with a missing class not found exception.

It seems that a user has an encrypted PDF document which is sent to the ES instance, which is trying to decode it, but has no bcutil class libraries at hand.

I searched for bc*.jar libs beyond the elasticsearch installation (/usr/share/elasticsearch) and find only these:

[root@ncsearch01 elasticsearch]# find . -name "bc*.jar"





The site stated that the latest ASN1 classes would be in a

Is there a problem in the ES distribution (yum Repo) or do I have to install this lib myself?

Yum Repo:


baseurl =

gpgcheck = 1

gpgkey =

name = External ES Repo for 8.x packages from

On the other hand:

Why is Elastic trying to decrypt a PDF instead of skipping it (encrypted content) and continue its work?

Best regards

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