Node API is not connecting to ES 5

I am using node v4.5.0 &npm 1.4.21. When I am using ES 2.4.0 my node is connecting fine to ES. After upgrading it to 5 its showing ES is down. In my package.json I am seeing "elasticsearch": "^11.0.1", this version. In the documentation (5.0 API) I am seeing every thing same as 2.4.0 API. I am not using X-pack in my node. I tested with sense & curl and its working fine. Its up & green. Whats the problem with Node API to connect?????

Does it ever connect? Are you using https?

I am using http. To ES 2.4 my node is connecting very well. But after upgraded to ES 5 is showing ES is down.

What are elasticsearch logs?
Is Kibana running on the same machine?

No, Kibana is running in another server. ES is not writing any logs.

You probably did not configure
And yes elasticsearch always prints logs somewhere. So please look at them.

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