Node API is not connecting to ES 5

(Ravi Shanker Reddy) #1

I am using node v4.5.0 &npm 1.4.21. When I am using ES 2.4.0 my node is connecting fine to ES. After upgrading it to 5 its showing ES is down. In my package.json I am seeing "elasticsearch": "^11.0.1", this version. In the documentation (5.0 API) I am seeing every thing same as 2.4.0 API. I am not using X-pack in my node. I tested with sense & curl and its working fine. Its up & green. Whats the problem with Node API to connect?????

(Spencer Alger) #2

Does it ever connect? Are you using https?

(Ravi Shanker Reddy) #3

I am using http. To ES 2.4 my node is connecting very well. But after upgraded to ES 5 is showing ES is down.

(David Pilato) #4

What are elasticsearch logs?
Is Kibana running on the same machine?

(Ravi Shanker Reddy) #5

No, Kibana is running in another server. ES is not writing any logs.

(David Pilato) #6

You probably did not configure
And yes elasticsearch always prints logs somewhere. So please look at them.

(system) #7

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