Node APM auto span middlewares


After trying out the Node APM with a Koa app and I've noticed that there's no auto-instrumentation of middlewares - i.e. no span for each middleware used. And after poking around to attempt a rough implementation, I assume that is because it's not necessarily a trivial task with Koa.

So my question is what is perhaps the best route to getting additional middlewares instrumented - doing an implementation for each module? Is there perhaps a plan to auto-instrument? I'm hoping to avoid spamming application level span creation in my code. :slight_smile:


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Yeah, we currently don't auto instrument Koa middlewares (we don't do that for Express either). But it's definitely something that I've been considering - we just haven't had any requests for it before now.

I don't know how complicated it would be, so I can't say anything about when we'll get time to look into it unfortunately.

May I suggest that you open a new feature request so we don't forget :slight_smile:

Will do. :slight_smile: I'd love to help out even if possible.

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