Node connected to himself


In my cluster I have 4 nodes.
In elasticsearch.yml I use unicast.hosts with my 4 nodes specified.

When I execute lsof, I see that every node is connected to himself.

[nodeA] $ lsof -i|grep -- '->nodeA' |grep java
java 24998 www 246u IPv6 37329657 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39097->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 247u IPv6 37329658 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39098->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 248u IPv6 37329659 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39097 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 249u IPv6 37329660 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39099->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 250u IPv6 37329661 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39098 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 251u IPv6 37329662 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39100->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 252u IPv6 37329663 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39099 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 253u IPv6 37329664 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39101->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 254u IPv6 37329665 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39100 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 255u IPv6 37329666 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39101 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 256u IPv6 37329667 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39102->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 257u IPv6 37329668 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39102 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 258u IPv6 37329669 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39103->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 259u IPv6 37329670 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39103 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 260u IPv6 37329671 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39104->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 261u IPv6 37329673 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39104 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 262u IPv6 37329674 0t0 TCP
nodeA:39105->nodeA:9027 (ESTABLISHED)
java 24998 www 263u IPv6 37329675 0t0 TCP
nodeA:9027->nodeA:39105 (ESTABLISHED)

Is it usual ?
Should I remove the local node in the unicast.hosts configuration ?


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