Node id same in two nodes

Hi guys,

currently i have a weird issue. I have two virtual machine distinct each vm a create a unique node typed master. this two vm are created node with the same node id. someone can explain me how to solve that ?


Did you create the second VM by cloning the first after the node had already been initiated (id is generated on first startup)?

Hi Christian,
I created the second entirely new VM. Not by cloning. Do you mean it should've been cloned?

No - cloning is one of the typical causes of this problem.

This duplicate node-id is usually caused by copying the data directory from one node to another (either by cloning a VM or a disk, or simply by copying the directory manually).

Did you do something like that during your setup process?

we use docker in this vm for create instance and on master we not bind (as volume)

Hi we recrate vm and change cpu and disk we this node get same node id. could you explain me how to generate this node id ?


founded issue is caused because on my docker layer i hardcode a node name ... my bad sorry.


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