Node is not available for scroll request

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The problem: Scroll scan does not return all data. The problem is not
permanent, elasticsearch might return 100% of data or only 50% and it never
throws an exception. A good indicator of the problem is "_shard" section in
the response, e.g.:

"_shards": {"successful": 40, "failed": 0, "total": 50}

In this case 10 shards just refuse to do their job, but the number of
"failed" shards for the same request is different. After looking at the
logs the only info I found is:

[2014-07-24 17:43:49,814][DEBUG][ ] [i-2722ca77]
Node [6ilkis3hQdO8l4R9nnCA3g] not available for scroll request [...scroll
id removed for readability ...]

Current configuration:
50 shards, 3 replicas, 10 nodes, 650M docs
version 0.90.10

Any ideas what's wrong?

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