Node Replacement Procedure

Hi All,

I have a multi-tier elastic cluster setup.

My Hot tier is made up of 4 nodes. I need to replace one of these nodes with a completely new instance (machine).

Can anyone recommend the best procedure to follow to swap out the existing node with a new one?

Would it be a situation similar to the updates process "of sort":

  1. Build up the new node but do not start elasticsearch on it
  2. Disable allocation
  3. Copy the index/elasticsearch data from the current node to the new node
  4. Update the YML on the new node to point at the copied data
  5. Ensure that elasticsearch has the correct permissions to the copied data
  6. Ensure the YML has the correct setup

If the new node is to have the same name as the old node:

  1. Update the hostname of the new node to the name of the old node
  2. Set the node name on the new instances YML to match the name from the old node
  3. Start the new node

You then re-enable shard allocation and wait for the cluster to report a GREEN health state.

Does the above sound like a reasonable solution?

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