NodeDisconnect Exception

I see whole load of below exceptions in the log. May i know what could be causing this issue ?

tried to fail engine but could not acquire lock - engine should be failed by now [primary shar
d [[index_1][13], node[e__dqz3CS1GWuRhOEbozMw], [P], s[STARTED], a[id=x_7pm6iBTB-a7ilI8MkbAA]] was demoted while failing replica shard]
org.elasticsearch.cluster.action.shard.ShardStateAction$NoLongerPrimaryShardException: primary term [1] did not match current primary term [2]

This indicates that Elasticsearch was trying to handle a failure gracefully but could not do so because of another concurrent failure.

Thanks David. However could you please explain what the failure is ? That would be very helpful. Thanks.

No, it's not possible to give much more detail from this tiny excerpt from your logs. We'll need to see all the other messages from around the same time.

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