Nodejs, elasticsearch, jekyll( or any other static html generator) on (GitHub pages)

Excuse my noobness, but just discovered elasticsearch and some other
projects and was wondering on how best to implement this.

I would like to build a site that is statically generated using
Jekyll, this has a Search button, like in the example here

Although in my case I will have many gh-pages sites running their own
minisites based on the 'master' code of the first instance.

For example, I would like each member of my community to be able to
clone the code for the static website, put it on their own GitHub
page, add some blog entries and for these blog entries to be indexed
by Elastic Search, and then when a user makes a search the results
returned will be for this site, and all the other member sites.

All the member sites will have their own domain name URI, so i will
need to think about cross-domain issues, when indexing the data and
when making the actual searches.

At the start, I will just use a single server to run nodejs,
elasticsearch in order to index the data.

Does this make sense or can it be done simpler, if so how? Can someone
port the to use ElasticSearch
instead of SQLLite.

I see there is already a port
available and I will try to get this working, but would like to know
if this approach is viable and most importantly scalable?