Nodes constantly turn off and on again

Hi guys, I have a 14 nodes of cluster (11 data, 3 master).I am using Elasticsearch and kibana version 7.4.2. When everything is going well, suddenly the nodes started to shut down and the kibana status turns red or yellow. When I restart the services on the shut down nodes, the status turns green again. But I experience this at least twice a day. My system team said that there is no hardware-related situation. Below I am sharing the log log of the cluster.log and the closed node. I hope you can help.

It looks like you are running low on disk space causing indices to be set to read-only. What is the full output of the cluster stats API?

when i run

GET /cluster_stats

How is your cluster configured? How are you monitoring this cluster? Is this a hot/warm cluster?

What type of node is data-11, which seems to be running low on disk space?

I took data-11 out of the cluster with the following code. It has 0 shard in it.

PUT cluster/settings 

And there is a continuous flow of data to the cluster.

I watch the cluster on 'Kibana 7.4.2'.

I don't fully understand this question. Is there a file you want me to share?

How is your cluster configured?

Maybe it will help

With respect to the question about how your cluster is configured I was wondering if all data nodes have the same specification or whether you are using a hot/warm architecture.

Can you share the logs from the nodes that shut down?

Thank you for taking care of my problem. I removed the two nodes I added from the cluster. It took some time to recover. Everything is fine for now.

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