Non-existing field in the document in MVEL script causes exception even after containsKey check

I have a problem but the solution provided for some earlier posts on the
same issue to use "containsKey" check is not working.

Under custom script, I have this:

"script" : "(doc.containsKey("my_field") ? doc['my_field].value : 0)"

This fails on doc['my_field].value apprently, with the exception:
Query Failed [Failed to execute main query]]; nested:
PropertyAccessException[[Error: could not access: value; in class:
org.elasticsearch.index.fielddata.ScriptDocValues$Empty [Near : {... value

In the index document mapping i see that my_field has a valid entry. Is
that the reason why "containsKey" its returning true? The field is
defintely not in my document, which is what causing the issue.
Any way I could make the script work?

Greatly appreciate any help.

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