Non existing scripts execute - what is going on

My windows test machine where I have ES installed has restarted
automatically several times during the day. I was testing some custom
scripts in ES.

After restart I went back to continue my tests and realized that any script
I told ES to run it would do the same thing and always give me results.
Even when I used scripts which did not exist. Take this example:

"query": {
"custom_score": {
"query": {
"match_all": {}
"script": "sdgfhjgf",
"params": {
"site": "rgf"
"lang": "native"

This returns to me doc and with a score of 1!!! This script: sdgfhjgf,
doesn't even exist yet ES returns results from it! What is going on?

PS - I tried this same JSON query on a different ES cluster and as expected
I get an error.

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