Noob trying to process a file

Hi all,

So I'm trying to do something that I'm guessing is pretty basic but I am stuck and cannot find the answer.

Problems are with config file :frowning:

I've got an input file (postfix logs) that I want to parse with a grok (pattern).
Then parse with another grok filter which goes to grok patterns. (I'm a big noob and hope this horrible explanation makes sense. I think this is an input issue but I'm not sure.

I've tried a few variations but feel like I'm going in circles, is anyone able to point me in the right direction please.

input {
file {

path => "/home/user/Desktop/smtplogs/test2/*"
file_completed_log_path => "/home/user/Desktop/smtplogs/testlog"
mode => "read"
file_completed_action => "log"

filter {
if [message] =~ /^#/ {
drop { }

grok {

filter {
# grok log lines by program name (listed alpabetically)
if [program] =~ /^postfix.*/anvil$/ {
grok {
patterns_dir => "/etc/logstash/patterns.d"
match => [ "message", "^%{POSTFIX_ANVIL}" ] tag_on_failure => [ "_grok_postfix_anvil_nomatch" ] add_tag => [ "_grok_postfix_success" ] } } else if [program] =~ /^postfix.*\/bounce/ {
grok {
patterns_dir => "/etc/logstash/patterns.d"
match => [ "message", "^%{POSTFIX_BOUNCE}$" ]
tag_on_failure => [ "_grok_postfix_bounce_nomatch" ]
add_tag => [ "_grok_postfix_success" ]

more of the above

mutate {
convert => [
# list of integer fields
"postfix_anvil_cache_size", "integer",
"postfix_anvil_conn_count", "integer",
"postfix_anvil_conn_rate", "integer",
"postfix_client_port", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_auth", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_auth_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_count", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_count_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_data", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_data_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_ehlo", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_ehlo_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_helo", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_helo_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_mail", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_mail_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_quit", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_quit_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_rcpt", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_rcpt_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_rset", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_rset_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_starttls", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_starttls_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_unknown", "integer",
"postfix_cmd_unknown_accepted", "integer",
"postfix_nrcpt", "integer",
"postfix_postscreen_cache_dropped", "integer",
"postfix_postscreen_cache_retained", "integer",
"postfix_postscreen_dnsbl_rank", "integer",
"postfix_relay_port", "integer",
"postfix_server_port", "integer",
"postfix_size", "integer",
"postfix_status_code", "integer",
"postfix_termination_signal", "integer",

        # list of float fields
        "postfix_delay", "float",
        "postfix_delay_before_qmgr", "float",
        "postfix_delay_conn_setup", "float",
        "postfix_delay_in_qmgr", "float",
        "postfix_delay_transmission", "float",
        "postfix_postscreen_violation_time", "float"



output {

stdout { codec => rubydebug }


And what is the problem? Are you getting an error message?

Hi Badger,

Sorry I've only just seen this message for some reason... Thank you for responding.

Yes, It's failing to start - I tried multiple variants - I was hoping someone who had potentially parsed postfix logs before might chime in with what their config was.

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