Specify a grok pattern to specific files?

Is there a way to specify a pattern to a specific file? For example I have a filter working for all byte_count files. I want to add more filters for other files. How would I do this to match the file and pattern combination properly?

This is my current filter:
filter {
grok {
match => { "message" => "%{NUMBER:ts}%{SPACE}%{NUMBER:ts_delta}%{SPACE}%{IP:orig_h}%{SPACE}%{INT:unique_hosts}%{SPACE}%{INT:flows}%{SPACE}%{INT:bytes}%{SPACE}%{INT:flow_avg}%{SPACE}%{INT:host_avg}" }

Assuming your input adds the file name to the event (for example, the file input adds a path field to the event) you could use a conditional to decide whether to apply the filter.

Ok that gives me a better idea after reading that but how would i compare my "byte_count" file to?
if path == byte_count{}?

If you want to test whether byte_count is part of the name you could use

if "byte_count" in [path] { ... }

Or you could do a regexp comparison

if [path] =~ /byte_count/ { ... }

Ah that makes sense, thank you!

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