Normalizing the score during indexing


Is there a way to normalize the elastic score between 0 and 1. I know it is possible to do it during query time by using script, but I am looking for ways to do it during index time.

Thank you

No it's not possible.

What's the use case?

We have use case to add engagement score which will be present inside the result to the elastic score. The engagement score will be between 0-1. We want the engagement score to make a significant contribution to the overall score. So, if elastic score is some thing like 6 or 7, then engagement's contribution will be relatively low. So, we want to make elastic score also between 0-1 so the overall score will be between 0-2 and both elastic score and engagement score will have equal contribution to it. We want to do this during index time.

You can't do that at index time. But you can use function score which will let you tune the score as you need.

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