Not able to ADD USERS in shield. Please Help!

Hi all,

I am not able to add users in my ES. I installed the Shield also.
It is giving the Following ERROR in ES log:

2016-10-25 14:46:41,158][WARN ][shield.authc.esusers ] [NTP-node] no users found in users file [/home/amits/ELK-deploy/elasticsearch-2.4.0/config/shield/users]. use bin/shield/esusers to add users and role mappings
[2016-10-25 14:46:41,161][WARN ][shield.authc.esusers ] [NTP-node] no entries found in users_roles file [/home/amits/ELK-deploy/elasticsearch-2.4.0/config/shield/users_roles]. use bin/shield/esusers

And while ADDING USERS it thows the following ERROR:

amits@iedev005 shield]$ ./esusers useradd aad
ERROR: The configuration directory [/etc/elasticsearch/shield] does not exist. The esusers tool expects Shield configuration files in that location.
The plugin may not have been installed with the correct configuration path. If [/home/amits/ELK-deploy/elasticsearch-2.4.0/config/shield] exists, please copy the shield directory to [/etc/elasticsearch]

Then I copy the shield directory to [/etc/elasticsearch], still the ERROR is coming.
Now what to do? Please help someone...

NOTE:- I am running my ES instance from the /path/to/ES directory/bin/elasticsearch.

what may be the issue here??
plz help @jaymode and @slee

How did you install elasticsearch? What is your configuration directory? Do you now have a /etc/elasticsearch/shield directory? Is the user able to access that directory and read/write to it?