Not able to connect the points in kibana

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I am trying to create a visualization using timelion in kibana. Somehow, I am able to create the points in the graph, but unfortunately not able to join them. Is there any function available where i can connect the points to draw the line.
Can someone help to join red/green dots to draw a line. ?


(Jen Huang) #2

What does your timeline query look like? Depending on the query, the following may help:

Use .lines(show=true):

Use .fit(average):

(Suruchi Narang) #3

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the reply. I tried using .lines(show=true).fit(average).With this added to my lucene query, the lines are drawn, but somehow line is also plotted for the zero values
I just want to join the points where value = 20 and not zero.

Is there any way to avoid timestamp while plotting the line?

Thanks in advance.

(Suruchi Narang) #4

issue got resolved by selecting interval 1d in the visualization, the line graph is now plotting datewise instead of timestamp

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