Not able to connect to elastic cluster using kinaba

Hi Team,
We have elastic cluster and i have installed kibana to monitor my cluster and when i start it it is always throwing the below error. Pl guide me how to setup and connect to the cluster
we use id_rsa key to connect to cluster from terminal in general.

From terminal we do this to connect to the client

ssh -i /Users/swapna/.ssh/id_rsa swapna@es-client-1

log [07:07:54.451] [error][admin][elasticsearch] Request error, retrying
GET https://elastic-test-01:9200/_nodes?filter_path=nodes..version%2Cnodes..http.publish_address%2Cnodes.*.ip => unable to verify the first certificate
log [07:07:54.865] [warning][admin][elasticsearch] Unable to revive connection: https://elastic-test-01:9200/
log [07:07:54.868] [warning][admin][elasticsearch] No living connections
log [07:07:54.869] [error][status][plugin:xpack_main@7.2.0] Status changed from yellow to red - No Living connections


Hey @svelastic, welcome to the discussion boards!

You mentioned that you connect to elasticsearch using certificates. Have you configured elasticsearch.ssl.certificate and elasticsearch.ssl.key in your kibana.yml yet (see settings page)?

This will allow Kibana to connect to Elasticsearch when Elasticsearch requires PKI authentication. Note that PKI authentication isn't supported for kibana end-users yet (but support is planned). You'll need an additional realm enabled (such as the native realm) for end-users to authenticate to Kibana.

Hi @Larry_Gregory
Thanks for the inputs for the error.But im still not sure which certificates in need to add for elasticsearch.ssl.certificate and elasticsearch.ssl.key?
it is trustore? or my id_rsa key?
generally i connect as below to the server
ssh -i /users/sw/id_rsa swa@es-data-client

so should i provide /users/sw/id_rsa for elasticsearch.ssl.certificate and elasticsearch.ssl.key?

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