Not able to fetch data from oracle database using jdbc plugin

Hi All,
I am new to logstash.
There was a requirement where client want to monitor few database servers using logstash and sentinel.

I am able to connect to Sentinel but I am not able to fetch data from oracle database.
Java version - 17
Logstash - 7.9.12

input {
jdbc {
jdbc_validate_connection => true
jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:oracle:thin:@</database ip>:</listener port>/sid"
jdbc_user => ""
jdbc_password => ""
jdbc_driver_library => "/apps1/log-jars/ojdbc8.jar"
jdbc_driver_class => "Java::oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
schedule => "* * * * *"
output {
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Error I am getting:

][ERROR][logstash.inputs.jdbc ][main][92f73b9c6778569ee3b7453413d24903e7837320354d5cc0dec0d2a2ce629776] Unable to connect to database. Tried 1 times {:error_message=>"Java::JavaSql::SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection (CONNECTION_ID=CzezbmIgSu2YDvCrpnF07w==)"}

Please help me on this. I am using linux redhat 8.

Using intranet server

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