Not able to fetch max file descriptors


I used the link here :

My query was the same as noted in the link above ie
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/stats/process?pretty

I substituted the localhost:9200 with the master node in the environment.

However, the response I get for each node only includes the open file descriptors under processes, and does NOT include the max file descriptors. Not sure what I am missing!

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What version of ES are you using? I just tried with 2.3.5 and see both "open_file_descriptors" and "max_file_descriptors"


I am using 2.4.1. Did you query the ES master node (that's what I issue a query against)

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Hm, could you gist up the complete response somewhere?

You could also try just the _node/stats endpoint directly (e.g. no "process" filtering) although it shouldn't make a difference.

I did happen to query my master node, but it shouldn't matter: the API request will collect the node stats from all nodes in the cluster internally, regardless of which one you talk to.


Here's a brief excerpt:

"cluster_name" : "prd-11",
"nodes" : {
"modifiedABCDZ_7AXXX" : {
"timestamp" : 1476981826175,
"name" : "indexer1",
"transport_address" : "inet[/]",
"host" : "indexer1.prd",
"ip" : [ "inet[/]", "NONE" ],
"attributes" : {
"client" : "true",
"data" : "false",
"master" : "false"
"process" : {
"timestamp" : 1476981826175,
"open_file_descriptors" : 4660

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What OS are you on? Perhaps it's not available on your platform?


I am using a linux box on amazon aws for data and master nodes

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