Not able to figure out number of shards in my cluster

I have 5 node cluster. 1 dedicated master node ( 16 GB/4 core ) and 4 data nodes (32 GB/8 cores/ 5 TB SSD )on each data node . I am having around 10 TB of data to store in one index(as of now not doing time base indexing cause of my use case) on Elasticsearch.
Please help me to figure out to how many shards should I keep for faster query.

Any suggestion would be helpful!

The first thing I would like to point out, even though it is not related to what you are asking, is that you always should aim to run at least 3 master eligible nodes in order to avoid s single point of failure.

When it comes to shard size and count and the impact on query performance this heavily depends on your data, mappings, types of queries and how many concurrent queries you need to support. It is hard to give a general answer do I would recommend running some benchmarks to find out.