Not able to load full data into elastic search by using logstash

I am using log-stash jdbc input to load data from oracle db to elastic search.

But its loading some amount of records only.Its not loading all records.

when i run query in sql developer i am getting 1000 records when i load data into elastic search by using same query its giving me 800 records in elastic search index.


In my sql query i am getting 9L records.
But its loading only 2000 records and its not consistent when i run again its giving more then 2000 or less then 2000.

How can i solve these problems.

Thanks in advance.....

Have you looked in the Logstash logs for clues? What if you replace the elasticsearch output with a simple file output? Do you get all records from the database then? Divide and conquer.

Having the same above mentioned problem. please help!!!!!!!!!

@Subhendu_Gogoi, please start a new thread for your problem and include details.