Not able to run filebeat instance remotely

I have been trying to run filebeat remotely spawning it through a ssh session.
Below is the call I use to invoke it

ssh user@host 'cd ./filebeat-5.3.2; ./filebeat -e -c ./filebeat.yml & disown'

This does run filebeat but is killed as the ssh session closes.
Below is the script I use to spawn a logstash process

ssh username@host 'cd ./logstash-2.3.2; ./bin/logstash -f ./myConf.conf & disown'

The filebeat process does not survive after the ssh session is terminated. Whereas the logstash process survives which runs as a java process.

How is this happening?

Following are some question which will help solve my purpose. But I am not able to get around the above behaviour.

Does getting disconnected from an SSH session kill your programs?

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