Not able to send data from filebeat to elastic cloud however with same settings it works on EFK stack on linux

I am using elastic cloud and when I used filebeat to send IIS logs from windows machine, elasticsearch only received the error logs and not even a single access logs from default directory. In last two days I tried setting up all the custom paths in modules, filebeat.inputs and everywhere but nothing helped. Can anyone help me set things up here, I want to take elastic cloud enterprise edition but failing to achieve required functionality.

Hi @sameer_rathod. We will need more information to be able to help you better. How have you setup your observability stack and what version is it, are you running filebeat standalone or through Elastic Agent, did you verify the default IIS log path, and also the filebeat.yml config file that you're trying to use.
Also, there's already a module for collecting IIS logs using filebeat here. Please refer this doc.

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