Not able to uninstall/remove LS plugin

Not able to uninstall/remove LS plugin

This is what i am using

bin>logstash-plugin.bat remove logstash-filter-csv

I am using windows package

This issue is mentioned here as well. But not sure how to fix this in windows package

ERROR: Operation aborted, cannot remove plugin, message: The path /bin/logstash-core does not exist.

That is one of the standard plugins. Why do you need to remove it?

sorry , just gave as example. i have built a custom plugin, that is also giving same result.
this problem is same for all the plugins i see this problem in github as well

This is more of a case of changing the LS_HOME, i am not sure which file i need to change LS_HOME, please help here.

Hi all, did anyone faces similar issue ? Not sure in which file we need to change the LS_HOME to make it effective for windows package.

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