Not able to use console.log() in plugin components in kibana 7.8 OSS version

I am developing a plugin for authentication in Kibana 7.8 oss version
In that plugin, showing error while using console.log() statement
For resolving the error, I tried to declare console variable first and gave it Console type and then used console.log(). But didn't work

Here's the code:

let console: Console;
console.log('Attempt to login with google');

Here's the error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'log' of undefined

How to use console.log() and debugger in plugin components
Is there any dev mode?

Are you certain the code is running on the browser and not the server?

console.log should work in the browser, however you'll get an eslint warning. To make sure the code is running in the browser, double check that it lives in a myPlugin/public directory.

You can't use console.log on the server; instead you should use core's logging service. You can learn more about it in the README.

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